Top 5 magpie

This is a top 5 of my life in year 5!!!

For the lovely teachers this year.

I have learnt lots this year.

Very exciting school days.

Every day its always happy.

Superb friends.

5 top things on Magpie

1.I really liked staff vs pupils because the pupils won and because the way they done it.

2.I also liked being selected for school council.

3.I mostly liked sports day.

4.I liked it when our teacher gave us cake.

5.I liked when I got a silver award for reading.

The top 5 things about year 5

These are my top favourites from Year 5

1 Art; fashion designing

2 Reading; reading on my own

3 Listening to music; it makes me relaxed

4 Drawing; it is great to draw

5 End of term; we have lots of fun


Five things I have loved this year

1) The teachers

2) All the school trips

3) The new friends in my class

4) The Mary rose trip

5) And most of all my FRIENDS!!!!!!

Top 5 Magpie

This is my top 5 best moments of magpie hope you enjoy  

1. Oakwood I loved it when we went and overcame our fear of heights . 

2. Teachers I love all my teachers and a big thank you to them for helping me this year 

3. Friends my friends have been amazing and I can’t wait to spend another year with them and to grow together 

4. Games I loved playing games with my class and having fun Everyone enjoys it .

5. Learning I have learnt alot this year and I am sure next year too. 

I have loved every minute of Year 5 



5 best things about magpie

5. Our teachers are amazing and are the best in the school at every thing especially teaching.

4. We have watched interesting movies which focus our minds in our work like a fantasy story.

3. Making friends, they help you on your way when you have some tough times.

2. I.C.T I love it, because your mind is relaxed and allows you to discover the life of technology.

1. My last and final top five is free time you can do absolutely anything like use the computers,iPads,board games and finally drawing.

Five things I’ve liked this year

Five things I liked this year

1) Mary Rose

2) Oakwood

3) Miss James

4) Miss Grant

5) Miss Hodgson

Top 5 favourite parts of magpie class

My first favourite part of Magpie is the wonderful teachers.

Next are the jokes we’ve had.

The friends I’ve made.

The games we’ve played.

And finally but definitely not least

The movies we’ve watched.

My five favourite things this year

My five favourite things this year in year 5

  • The gorgeous teachers
  • Oakwood
  • Christmas production
  • Lego workshop
  • Yo yo workshop

They are my top 5 things

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