5 things I liked in year 5

Little Heath trip



Learning new things


Things I loved this year

My best things this year were the Christmas Productions, Little Heath school trip and Oakwood and meeting Miss James when we first came in year 5

Cj’s top favourite things in year five

I loved………

The trips


Having fun with the teachers

Learning by having fun😋

Learning new interesting things☺️

I think that Magpie class is the best as well as the teachers everyone has fun.

My favourite 5 things this year

 1. Going to Oakwood 😀

2. Sports day😀

3. Going to Little Heath😀

4. Christmas production 

5. My most favourite thing this year is Year 6 leavers production😜

My favourite parts of Magpie class

I think my favourite parts of Magpie class would be 


– Having Miss James as my teacher        

– Making our comic books

– Learning about Fame

– Learning everyday is a new day

– Oakwood


If I could choose I would stay in this class forever I will really miss magpie class and I am really sad that this year Is coming to an end.





Top five things I love in year five

I like the friends I make

and the work when it is challenging and easy it is always a challenge  for sascha

and finally  the lunch and break time  I love everything in year five

year five is awesome


5 best things ever done in magpie class

My first best is Sports Day.

My 2 is Pupils v’s Staff.

My 3 is Manors Got Talent

My 4 Oakwood

My 5 Whipsnade Zoo

5 best things in year 5

1. Oakwood 

2. Manors got talent

3. Fame Topic

4. Science

5. Fame assembly


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Year 6 leavers assembly and it’s my life

I loved the year 6 leavers assembly because it was hilarious but that’s not all. They tried their best especially their acting it was amazing.


As well as this their dancing was spectacular and their clothes. The leavers assembly was about 3 TV channels (take me on a date, Britans got talent, crime watch .)


Last of all I want to say a big thank you to all the teachers with their big effort that they did.


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Laszlo’s top 5 moments in school!!!

5: Learning about fractions!

4: Doing literacy!

3: Comics!

2: Oakwood 

1: Fame!!!!😀