How I like it in year 5

My favourite part in year 5 was when we went to the Mary Rose for a school trip. It has been the best year 😥

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My Favourite 5 things about this year By Caroline Williams

My first  thing is our Christmas prouduction it was so funny even the part when they got pied.😜

My second Favourite thing about this year is Manor’s got talent - I entered with Chloe,Olivia and Alexis.😍

My third Favourite thing about this is our class assembly we had to practice everyday to make it perfect.😎


My top 5 things this year

1) Learning about fame

2) Going to Oakwood

3) Competing in sports day

4) Going on loads of school trips

5) Completing the 99 club


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Alexis top five best moments

My top best moments are …

1 Oakwood!

2 Film day!

3 Teachers😜

4 Friends👭👬👫👯

5 Fun learning 🚴🏼💃🚣🏊

Magpie is the best and who ever is going is going to get a whole lot of fun 🍧🍨🍬🍭🌈❄️🌸😎😍😜😝😛😐

My top five things in year five!! By Tocara

  • Learning how to do fractions
  • Making more friends 
  • Having fun 
  • Learning lots 
  • Trip to Oakwood



Draw with both hands at the same time

A very hard task indeed image imageimage image image image image

Design a hat for a badger

Hats the children created for badgers image image image

What does “angry” look like?

The children’s interpretation of angry imageimageimage

Art challenges

The children are enjoying a morning of art challenges ranging from drawing an alien to draw without taking the pencil from the paper. Some interesting creations so far. Keep checking back for pictures