5 best things about magpie

5. Our teachers are amazing and are the best in the school at every thing especially teaching.

4. We have watched interesting movies which focus our minds in our work like a fantasy story.

3. Making friends, they help you on your way when you have some tough times.

2. I.C.T I love it, because your mind is relaxed and allows you to discover the life of technology.

1. My last and final top five is free time you can do absolutely anything like use the computers,iPads,board games and finally drawing.

  • Mr Jeffreys says:

    Hi Adriano,

    Great to see ICT made it into your top 5. I love that you want to discover the world of technology. We only see a small part of it in school – so keep up your discoveries at home!

    Have a great summer – I’ll see you in year 6!

    Mr J.

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