Who is more deadly: sharks or humans?

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  • Keiton Small says:

    Sharks because there more deadly than humans and human need resources for food but when people are in middle of the sea there easily going to get hurt from creatures in the sea

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  • Lee Maze says:

    Humans because 100 million sharks get killed a year so
    Humans are more deadly

  • Hakim La Bella says:

    Sharks because I use to see in deadly 60 there is more than you think, for example the white shark use to eat 106 fish a day but humans use a knife to kill sharks for sushi but sharks eat people in a year it’s 100 million people.

  • Rhiannon Rossiter says:

    Sharks because thay can eat you and hurt you as well .

  • Raqeeb Ahmed says:

    Sharks are more deadly to humans when swim or surf at the beach they might jump at you and kill you.
    Since 1950 and 2013 there been 86 attacks and 13 deaths.
    There been more human attacks than sharks.

  • Ellie Fry says:

    I think humans are much more dangerous than sharks because sharks are harmless they think your food,they do not mean to hurt you! Whereas humans can kill people and attack also hurt people’s feelings. There are many more humans than sharks and you think all humans are ok but they’re not who you think they are when you first look at them you think they are nice but if you look again you do not see there selfs. Most people think sharks are dangerous so there’s more of a warning of you not going in the ocean and if you have children you will hopefully teach them a bit about sharks so they do not try and go near them and that’s why I think humans are much more dangerous

  • Sascha Cameron says:

    People and sharks Are both deadly because wwf and greenpeace say that 100 million sharks are killed by humans each year……and plus humans can murder ,steal and many more so those would be dangerous and deadly …… Sharks on the other hand can eat people alive and can go mad if it detects blood but it only goes crazy if you annoy it …..

  • CJ Benoiton says:

    I think humans are the deadliest because every year one hundred million sharks have been killed by humans. It is more likely that humans can kill any shark just like a fish. Just because humans have been killed over the years it doesn’t mean that sharks are the deadliest out of humans.

  • Morsallin Habibi says:

    I think humans because humans got the right deadly tools.And sharks has less

  • Fizah Kauser says:

    I think shark more deadly than human because sharks are really strong and they have sharp pointy teeth and humans have short bones and sharks can swim faster than humans.

  • Viona Duku says:

    Hakim your wrong humans are far more deadlier than sharks because humans can have the feelings and the actions to do it but sharks are only deadly when they can smell blood or taste blood or to defend themselves

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