Did the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics fulfil their promise of inspiring young people in the UK to get involved in sport?

Read through the information and make a decision on whether or not you think the Olympics and Paralympics fulfilled their promise to get young people involved in sport.

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  • Momen HajalHussein says:

    watching sports on TV could help you get into sports and you might get into the Olympics

  • Sascha Cameron says:

    Yes because people want to become like there idol and also want to be able to participate in activity …..they are fulfilled young people who do power Olympics might want to continue

  • Ellie Fry says:

    I think they should do a little Olympics ages 10 and over because kids would love to be in Olympics and you never know someone might be faster then an Olympic runner and when they grow up they might become unfit and might have a problem like a leg problem or a back problem so I think kids should have an Olympics and a couple Olympics with the famous Olympics runners ,footballers,javelins and other things.also they should all meet up (10 and over and famous olympians.) in a meeting room.

  • Chloe Eaton says:

    Yes because people want to become famous people by becoming Olympics and Paralympic and they want to take part in activities and by getting medals and trophies

  • Alexis Turner says:

    Not really because if you read the article it says it has dropped dramatically so no.

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