Every day 17,000 children around the world die before they reach their fifth birthday. What can we do to stop this?

Unicef UK is a registered charity that is keen to improve the healthcare and vaccines that children around the world receive. Unfortunately they are not able to help everyone but what can you do to help them?

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  • Raqeeb Ahmed says:

    We could help by donating money gifts giving tools help to get a hospital.

  • Waran Duku says:

    You can raise money so that they can have better equipment and better hospitals.

  • Olivia VirtueEvans says:

    I think that people need to help these people raise some money because they don’t have the money they need but it is disgusting how they don’t have enough money to have hospital in every town and those who do have hospitals in there area don’t have the sterilising kit they need or clean needles they need money they need help they need food they need clothes help the children they do not deserve to die at their age and also do not deserve to be getting illnesses so help them today

  • Laszlo GrantRoberts says:

    we could raise money for a charity to save lives of the children

  • Derry Steane says:

    I think we can stop this by donating medical equipment all over the to less fortunate countries because of how many children die every year and by donating the equipment they will stop dieing and then we can save lives and stop them from dieing

  • Caroline Mwangi says:

    This is sad because young children are getting killed because of the terrible diseases they get

  • Sascha Cameron says:

    What I would do to help would be to donate and build new hospitals so they can treat people to the kind of medicine they need ……..I would do tones of things to help children and adults to live a full life …….. It would be a nice thing to do I miss everyone is kind and generous to help those you have malaria or abola

  • Morsallin Habibi says:

    You can give them gifts for free like equipment from hospitals,medicine ,toothpaste ,toothbrush

  • Lee Maze says:

    Raise money for charity , get the right equipment, more hospitals , gifts, torch, money and doctors

  • Viona Duku says:

    You can help them by giving equipments that they don’t have in poor hospitals and giving charity. I think I can help by giving free mattresses, light bulb, chairs, tables to put the equipments on and some material to build their hospitals. The illness is not only in Africa it’s as well as in poor countries like (Pakistan).

  • Mia Powell says:

    What I would do is save up all my money to raise money to buy the right equipment they need.
    Another thing I would do is raise money

  • Caroline Williams says:

    You can put clothes, books and shoes into charity bins and send them off to a country who needs it. Send Equipment to countries to help them save children around the world,call or send money to charity and, in schools can do fun runs ,baking .

    This is how we could help children from dieing .

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  • Alexis Turner says:

    I think it’s sad that so many children die.i think that we can do a lot about this.
    First we could send specialist doctors and builders to the places that needs it.
    Second we could send medical tools.
    Third of all we could raise money to help the country.
    Lastly we could give them specific rules to help them improve their medical standards.
    That is my honest opinion and that is what i think we should do.

  • Chloe Eaton says:

    I find this really upsetting I think that we should give our clothes to charity that we don’t need and they can give them to many countries around the world that can’t afford it and raise money so that countries that don’t have a hospital, doctors, chemist can build them everywhere so if people are poorly they can go to the hospital if they need medicine they can go to the chemist

  • Tocara Rowe says:

    I don’t think that it is right that lots of people die before their 5 birthday. To help I’m going to do some fund raising for some money to make some hospitals in different countries and make sure that they have the right equipment and medicine and I am going to be giving some of my old clothes and making some cakes and selling them so that we can raise money to get the right equipment

  • Keiton Small says:

    we should donate more money around the world so they can get new hospital and new equipment.

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