Should 1p and 2p coins be abolished in the UK?

Read through the information given to you and decide whether or not you think 1p and 2p coins should be abolished or whether or not they should be kept. Remember to support your view with facts from the hand out.

  • Raqeeb Ahmed says:

    It says the central bank of Ireland makes a lot of one and two pence if that’s one and two are going to be gone then Ireland will have lots of money.

  • Ellie Fry says:

    I think we should have 1p and 2p be because say if something was 1.89 and u gave £2 in they would give you a 10p but that’s not all your change and you need the 1p. And a good thing is you get stuff cheaper because you can’t have change of 1p and 2p and it will be harder work for the people to work in the store to change all the prices!

  • Chloe Eaton says:

    I think that we should have 2p and1p because if a drink was 35p and you gave 38p and you will need 1p and 2p change and like it says “the bizarre thing is making each coin costs more than it’s worth” so I think we should

  • Sascha Cameron says:

    No because if you are in a shop that doesn’t give can’t give change and you had a £3:55 and you wanted change from an extra 5p then it would be useless ………even people who are poor can’t get enough money they are still grateful for 1/2p that can get us lots ……. And like it says the bizarre thing is that making each coin costs more than it’s worth , it is also good for education and it is the prospect of education for people who can’t count!!!!!

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