Should every school pupil have PSHE sessions?

Read through the information and give your opinion on whether all school pupils should have PSHE sessions

  • Olivia VirtueEvans says:

    I think that every pupil in the schools should have PSHE lessons to help them learn about themselves and help them when they don’t know what is happening to them they need every little bit of support they can get.They need there teachers and parents support 24/7 they need help and that’s going to help them

  • Aminur Rahman says:

    I don’t think everyone should do PSHE because it won’t stop them from doing anything bad.

  • Werner John says:

    Children need to be taught PSHE topics they are important and would prepare us for life. And we also need to learn about health. But on the other hand parents should choose if they want there child to be taught these topics. But it would be too much money for the Government to provide PSHE to every school.

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