Should mobile phones be banned in school?

After reading the information about mobile phones in school what is your opinion- should they be banned?

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  • Ellie Fry says:

    I think that phones should not be banned from bringing them into school and then you get them back at the end of the day, but what i think should be banned is,playing and texting in class when you are learning because you will lose concentration and will not learn anything so in manor primary school they are doing the right thing. Some people walk to school and back on their own so they need to contact their parents so they know they are safe!

  • Chloe Eaton says:

    I predict that they should be banned because if she or he is on there phone and the teacher is teaching them then they are not learning anything and if they are doing exams and type up the question up on safari they will get the answer it will disturb people

  • Sascha Cameron says:

    I think yes because people can’t get a good enough education with mobile phones and I think you should just have a phone for calling texting and that’s it really but you could use a calculator and cheat and will never get a job money or anything so that’s why mobile phones should be banned . And you can get a little bit of education . Of games so I am 50 , 50 on this debate question .

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  • CJ Benoiton says:

    I do think they should be banned because they get distracted by the electronic device during studying at home so they don’t get good grades but also you get to find educational things for their life. They should also be careful with that because if you dont have good grades you cant get in to a good university.

  • Keiton Small says:

    I think phones should be banned in school because kids are not learning

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