Nelson Mandela Facts By Caroline Williams

Nelson Mandela was president of south Africa. He was born July 18th 1918 in Mezzo south Africa . He was best known for serving 27 years in prison as a protest against the apartheid . He died December 5th , 2013 in Johannesburg , south Africa . His birth name is Rolihlahla, he got the nickname nelson from a teacher in school . Nelson was a member of  Thimbu royalty and his father was chief of the city of Mveso. Nelson Mandela became a leader  in the African National Congress (ANC). At first he pushed hard for the Congress and the protesters to follow mohanda’s Gandi’s non-violence one point he started to doubt that this approach would work and started up an armed branch of the ANC.He planned to bomb certain buildings , but  only the buildings . He wanted to make sure that no one would be hurt . he was classified as a  terrist          

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