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In school we are learning about different famous people like: singers, actors and people just famous for skill or even the Royal family. I chose Zara Philips and you might be asking who is Zara Philips? Here’s  your answer she is the Queen’s granddaughter so Princess Anne is her mum! These are some facts about her life.  Zara does horse riding and won BBC sports personality of the year she also won a silver medal and was presented by her mum then in 2012 she got to hold the Olympic torch! Also she has a husband who is an ex-rugby player (England) FACT: Zara is 14th in line of the throne! Fact File: Age:33 child: Mia Tindal! 



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  • Olivia VirtueEvans says:

    Abigail has taught me about about Zara Philips. First of all I didn’t even know about her but now I know lots about her thanks you

  • Viona Duku says:

    I love your information well done ( good job)

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